Water & Wastewater

Corrosion protection for metal & concrete water pipelines and tanks while minimizing downtime. This is what Polyurea systems provide.

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Water & Wastewater

There are thousands of miles of water sewage pipelines, and millions of square feet of water processing tanks and manhole walls that need to be reinforced and protected. A custom mobile spray rig will provide you with the equipment to offer the right products and services this sector needs.


Spray Foam Manholes
Seal Manholes
Concrete Tank Leveling
Water Treatment Facilities
Potable Water Applications
Wastewater Facilities
Sewage Pipes
Water tower restoration


M395 Potable Water
Aliphatic 75
Aliphatic 79
Marvel Primers

Everything has to be right in this field, and we rely on Marvel for product guidance and field assistance to get the job done.

- P. Waller, Pro S Basement Systems