MarvelShield M395 NON-PW

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MarvelShield M395 NON-PW

M395 NON-PW is a fast setting, rapid curing, 100% solids, flexible, aromatic, two-component spray polyurea that can be applied to suitably prepared concrete and metal surfaces. Its extremely fast gel time makes it suitable for applications down to

-20f. M395 PW offers a tack-free time of fewer than 60 seconds and exhibits 450% elongation upon curing with 50 Shore D hardness.


Ideal for:


  • Concrete tanks and water tunnels
  • Frac tanks
  • Static secondary containment walls
  • Mobile secondary containment berms 
  • Steel / wooden trailers
  • Structural steel 
  • Subsea equipment 
  • Pipe protection 
  • Military vehicles 
  • Extreme truck and vehicle accessories 
  • Roofing/flooring in extremely abrasive environments 
  • Water tanks