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Who Makes the Perfect Spray-On Bedliner Dealers?

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It might sound more than a little redundant. However, when your company takes pride in perfect spray-on bedliners, there’s something you absolutely need. You need perfect spray-on bedliner dealers. While that might just sound like some promotional doubletalk, you need to read on. Could you be a candidate?

First, consider the issue of bedliners. Are you a new or used truck dealership? If so, you know that a great deal of your extra sales dollars comes from add-ons. For sure, you’re recommending some type of bedliner.  On the low end, you might suggest a drop-in.

Meanwhile, you already know that a drop-in liner isn’t going to do a whole lot to protect the bed of the customer’s shiny new pickup. There’s a chance it will crack within months.  The truck owner will not be overly happy when the surface starts to corrode.

So, maybe there’s a chance you already know the benefits of a spray-on bedliner. Up until now, you may have shipped the job out as a courtesy. So, what does that mean to your pocket? Absolutely nothing.

New and used truck dealerships find that offering services in-house adds dollars. However, it’s more than that – it’s a matter of credibility.

Consider the look on your customer’s face after the spray-on bedliner job is completed. When you’re an Armadillo Liner dealer, you are providing a very important service. You are also backed up by a company that provides you with a fantastic product, technical advice, and equipment.

Essentially, as a new or used truck dealership, you are a perfect candidate to become a spray-on bedliner dealer. It’s a seamless match.

Body Shops as Spray-On Bedliner Dealers

All things considered, body shops see the worst in vehicles. A customer comes in with a truck with front-end damage. Meanwhile, while you have the truck in your shop, you notice that the truck bed is scratched up and rusting.

You could stop and just take on the insurance job of fixing the front end. However, there’s a good chance that the customer would like the whole truck to look as good as new. In fact, it won’t take a whole lot of convincing for the customer to dig into his own pocket and agree to a spray-on bedliner.

As a spray-on bedliner dealer, the work comes directly to you. Truth be told, body shops could add on the specialty service as an exclusive offering.  Count on a ton of referrals when word gets out on your premier presentation.

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