As the recognized Premium brand bedliner, Armadillo Liners™ continues to provide chemical, equipment, support and training to the automotive industry.

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Under the Armadillo Liners™ brand we can help you bring spray-on bedliners in-house, or set you up to take your services on the road with a mobile spray rig. Stop outsourcing or ordering bedliners sprayed at the factory. Now, you don’t have to be dedicated to doing just bedliners, we won’t limit you so don’t limit yourself. Marvel can show you how to do it all.


Equipment/Commercial Vehicles
Truck Bed Liners
Jeeps & RVs - Exterior and Interior
Military Vehicles


EZ Cartridge
MarvelSpecialty 75
Adhesion Promoter
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Armadillo Liners® was established by the most experienced minds in the spray-on bedliner industry. With the highest grade of products in the market, Armadillo Spray-on Bedliners are the most trusted and dependable protection out there. Disregard the franchise investment; we focus on the quality of our chemical products, equipment and service. Our dealers have the freedom to operate their business as they see fit; no requirements, no franchise fees, and no hidden marketing fees added onto their chemical costs. Locate a dealer and/or become an Armadillo Liners applicator yourself to experience “The Perfect Spray-on Bedliner”.