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What Are Industrial Coatings?

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What Are Industrial Coatings?

Industrial coatings are a great way to keep valuable equipment safe and functioning for years. Whether it’s industrial machinery, storage tanks, or other vital structures - a quality industrial coating provides a layer of protection for the infrastructure. Marvel Industrial Coatings is the go-to provider of industrial coating solutions, offering polyurea spray-on liners, industrial protective coatings, and spray foam solutions

Polyurea Coatings

Polyurea coating is an industrial coating that is strong, flexible, and highly durable. This industrial coating can be applied as a spray-on liner system which helps prevent corrosion and damage from various elements like chemical spills, wear and tear, and other harsh conditions. This coating is also resistant to UV rays, extreme temperatures, and abrasion. This makes it ideal for outdoor applications since it can withstand the harshest weather conditions. As such, polyurea liners are often used in oil & gas fields and chemical processing plants where there is a greater risk of corrosion due to more extreme conditions in those industries.


Marvel’s high-quality protective coatings help provide an added layer of protection against these extreme conditions and wear & tear from daily use. These industrial protective coatings help protect the underlying surface from being damaged or worn down too quickly due to high-traffic areas or constant exposure to environmental elements like sand storms or intense sunlight. This helps improve the longevity of your industrial equipment or structure, saving you money in the long run on repairs or replacement costs.



Our spray foam solutions, Hydrophobic Slabjacking Foam, and roofing rigid spray foam can insulate industrial spaces like warehouses and manufacturing facilities, providing improved comfort and significantly reduced heating costs. 

Spray foam solutions provide a superior level of insulation compared to traditional materials such as fiberglass or cellulose. The material is applied with an industrial sprayer, creating a seamless barrier between the interior environment and exterior elements. It also helps reduce noise pollution, creating less disruption for industrial workers.


Hydrophobic Slabjacking Foam works by filling in voids under concrete slabs that are caused by soil erosion over time. By sealing the hollow areas beneath slabs, it helps prevent further damage while adding stability; it also reduces vibration from impacts on the surface. This type of foam is perfect for industrial locations that need long-term performance against heavy foot traffic or machinery operation.


Finally, Marvel Industrial Coatings offers roofing rigid spray foam which serves as an additional layer of protection for industrial structures from moisture retention and water damage due to extreme weather conditions. It prevents heat transfer through the walls which makes insulation much more effective; it is also able to withstand high winds and extreme temperatures without compromising its integrity.


With Marvel Industrial Coatings’ selection of industrial foams, energy efficiency can easily be achieved with lasting results. Whether it’s reducing sound pollution or protecting against environmental factors, these products offer industrial spaces the perfect solution for all their insulation needs.


For industrial coatings to perform well, the elements of the coating system must be carefully chosen and applied. Marvel Industrial Coatings has extensively tested primers to ensure customers get the best results. A suitable primer can make all the difference in creating a solid bond between the substrate and coating system, providing long-lasting adhesion.


High-quality primers can provide superior advantages compared to lower-quality alternatives. Primers increase the chemical and mechanical bonds between surfaces, forming a solid bond that maximize shielding performance. Additionally, it helps create smooth surface preparation by filling in pits, cracks, or other irregularities before coating application. This produces an evenly distributed layer of protection across all areas of your industrial facility or workplace. 


At Marvel Industrial Coatings, we understand the industrial coatings industry and the importance of getting projects done quickly. We offer a range of equipment, training, and chemical solutions to help you get your job done on time. 


With our industry-leading technical support staff ready to help at every step of the way - you can trust that Marvel will have you covered when it comes to providing top-notch industrial coatings solutions. Contact us today if you have any questions or need assistance selecting industrial coating products that are right for your project. We look forward to showing you how our reliable industrial coating services can make all the difference in completing jobs efficiently.