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What You Should Know about Polyurea Solutions

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You most likely know that polyurea solutions work. They are excellent for industrial use and truck bed liners.  However, do you actually know what polyurea is? Moreover, why it is so effective?

Be careful if you attempt to research polyurea on your own.  Search engines will think you are trying to define polyuria.  The two are actually quite different.  The latter has to do with a bodily function.  Meanwhile, polyurea is defined as “polymeric elastomers whose repeat unit is a substituted urea.”

Since we’re somewhat certain that this definition hasn’t really clarified much about polyurea solutions work, we’ll give you more information.  Polyurea is a sprayable, plural component polymer that has limitless uses and is excellent in providing a waterproof coating. Basically, we’re talking synthetic substances that have elasticity.  The elastic substance comes from natural rubber.

Coating companies, such as Marvel Coatings, use polyurea solutions in a variety of applications.  Most have developed their own formulas in laboratories.  The advantage of polyurea is that it is strong and pliable at the same time.  In the simplest of terms, you can think of polyurea as a form of plastic rubber that will protect as well as insulate any surface it comes into contact with.

The Advantage of Polyurea Solutions

Why are polyurea solutions effective?  Moreover, what types of industries use them?  Let’s break down some general advantages:

  • Different methods of applications

  • Durability

  • Elasticity

  • Adaptability to project size

  • Can be used in small spaces or larger ones

  • Flexibility as far as budgetary concerns

More than likely, you can figure out why all these components make polyurea solutions important to different types of businesses.  Let’s go through a few.

You may have already read our article on how Armadillo Liners can improve the resale value of your truck.  The spray-on bedliner will add to keeping the paint job fresher and with the watertight seal, it assists with rust and corrosion.  Plus, the bedliner will protect your bed from any damage such as scrapes and dents. But, let’s look at some other industrial applications.

The combination of polyurea’s strength and elasticity can add stability to applied structures.  For example, the oil and gas industries use polyurea solutions for insulation purposes for exterior and underground pipeline applications. For instance, by lining an oil tank with polyurea coating, it can provide a resistance to any of the chemicals inside the tank, extending the tank's life.

The durability of polyurea is an impressive addition for military and government contractors.  The list continues as far as use in both old and new construction. For instance, it can be used in spray foam installations and keep your home nice and warm during those cold winter months. Just name an industry and we can give you reports on the effective use of polyurea solutions.

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Marvel Coating’s special formula makes polyurea solutions an impressive product for many applications.  It will not only protect your property, but extend its life. Need further information?  Contact us to see how we can assist you.