Polyurea versus Epoxy Coatings

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Epoxy Coatings

Polyurea and Epoxy coatings are often compared when looking at coatings. Both have some similarities as well as vast differences in application, price, and longevity.

Epoxy is a type of polymer, a group of chemical compounds that consist of large molecules with repeating subunits. Epoxy resins include epoxides—highly reactive groups of molecules—that harden (or cure) through chemical reactions, which are caused either by combining it with other substances or heating it to a high temperature.

Epoxy coatings can provide a beautiful finish, but the longevity is unmatched when compared to Polyurea. Epoxy is ideal for short-term coating needs, since they usually need a new application of epoxy coating within 5-10 years of original application.

Along with the shorter longevity of the product, Epoxy also has a much longer cure time compared to Polyurea. Epoxy takes 6-8 days to fully cure and can have a strong odor while curing. Epoxy is not very flexible, does not have a very high oil resistance, and cannot be used outdoors. 

While Epoxy is the cheaper option between the two choices here, you get what you pay for. Epoxy will provide you with a decent short-term fix for your project, but will end up being more expensive and more of a hassle to deal with in the long run when comparing its durability to polyurea.


Polyurea Coatings

On the other hand, Polyurea is a plural component polymer that can be sprayed on just about anything you want to protect and maintain. Polyurea is incredibly durable, while also including flexibility to expand and contract as needed based on weight or temperature changes. Because of its durability it can even be used for water containment or other types of storage. 

Polyurea is oil, chemical, and scratch resistant - which makes this a great product for indoor or outdoor use. Polyurea is 4x stronger and 98% more flexible than Epoxy. The material's flexibility makes it durable and lasts a long time. Because the material is flexible, it won't crack or peel. Polyurea can also be used in extreme temperatures. The coatings are chemically inert to oil, salt, gas, and other harsh chemicals.

Polyurea dries in seconds, cures within a day, can expand and contract with changing weather conditions, is environmentally safe, and lasts much longer than other coating types. 

Marvel offers Hybrid, 100% pure, and Aliphatic types of Polyurea. These options provide customers with endless possibilities for how and where to use our coating products to best fit your needs. 

Polyurea is our clear choice for the best coating option!

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