Graco Reactor E-8p

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Graco Reactor E-8p

The E-8p Reactor Portable Plural-Component Sprayer is among the first portable, professional foam insulation systems that produce foam for air-sealing existing homes. In fact, it's the first system that's designed specifically for new no-heat polyurethane foam formulations. It produces a proven air-seal solution that's in demand by homeowners who want energy-efficient homes.

Expand your business

Become more competitive in today's market with equipment designed for the remodeling or small foam job. Whether you're expanding your existing insulation application opportunities or just starting your business, the E-8p Reactor provides a quick return on investment. As a touch-up system, the E-8p Reactor frees up larger rigs for medium and large jobs while enabling you to finish the job afford-ably.

Portable, lightweight, and easy to move.

Haul in in your van, pickup, or car. Take it anywhere - through narrow doorways or halls, even up narrow stairways of older homes. The E-8p Reactor's compact design easily fits in tight areas so you can spray foam with ease. Since no heaters are required, the E-8p Reactor is small, lightweight, and compact.

Designed for existing home environments

The compact design is unobtrusive. Simply plug it into a standard residential outlet. Material is drawn from handy no-spill five-gallon pails. No feed pumps needed.

A quick return on your investment

Many small projects that are ordinarily completed with froth kits can now be accomplished more economically with the E-8p Reactor and no-heat polyurethane foams. In fact, froth kits can cost up to three times the cost of five-gallon pails of no-heat foam polyurethane materials.


  • Haul it in your van or pickup truck
  • Easy to move up and down stairs
  • Telescoping handle and wheels make it easy to maneuver at the job site
  • Plugs into a standard residential outlet (120 VAC, 15 amp)
  • Weighs just about 96 pounds (44 kg)
  • Easy to read pressure gauges ensure you're spraying on-ratio and delivering high-quality foam
  • An economical alternative to froth kits


  • Rim joists in existing homes
  • Attics in existing homes - as an air barrier under blown-in insulation
  • Alternative to froth kits
  • Backup system for spray rig owners
  • Touch-up projects in tight areas
  • HVAC spray sealing of approved ductwork
  • Roofing applications - patching, applying select roofing adhesives