Graco Probler P2 Elite Spray Gun

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Graco Probler P2 Elite Spray Gun

The Probler P2 Elite from GlasCraft offers a degree of operational flexibility unmatched by any other plural component dispense gun. When glass fiber is required for structural strength or rigidity, a fiberglass cutter can be mounted to the Probler P2 Elite. This allows for fiber at selected lengths and volume fractions (percentages) to be dispersed into the polyurea coating as it is being sprayed onto the target area.

  • P2 model's side blocks offer alternate hose routing configurations
  • Allows access to ISO and Resin filters without removing side blocks
  • Allows for use of additional accessories



  • Specialty Probler P2 dispense gun - spray or pour
  • Output ranges from 4 lbs/min up to 40 lbs/min (2 kg to 18 kg/min)
  • Adjustable length of the fiber strand
  • The volume of fiber is adjustable (as a percentage compared to the polyurea being dispersed)
  • Flexibility from wide to narrow spray pattern
  • Uniform, even distribution of fiber across the width of the spray pattern
  • Excellent wetting & encapsulating of fiber in polyurea
  • Maximum mixing pressure of 3000 psi
  • Can be used with any Reactor
  • Patent protected technology

Fiberglass Chopper Accessory - Graco RS Chopper

The Graco Probler P2 Elite with RS Chopper attachment is for specialty applications combining chopped fiberglass with polyurea or spray foam to increase structural strength where needed. Pairing the lightweight, easy to maneuver Probler P2 Elite Gun with the Graco RS Chopper, contractors can change the unique "no-cut" blade cartridges in a matter of seconds - compared to 15 minutes with traditional cutter designs.