Graco GX-8 Spray Gun

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Graco GX-8 Spray Gun

New improved lowest output mechanically self-cleaning plural spray gun available today!

Graco GX-8 Features and Benefits:

  • 30% more air volume to air cap helps to keep the gun's tip cleaner, longer
  • 15% more air volume to trigger assembly for faster open/close response
  • Easier module and PCD installation
  • Re-design will provide longer module life and assure correct alignment of module
  • As always, the GX-8 Pro-Gun saves up to 50% or more on material consumption and significantly reduces over-spray associated with low output spraying

Key Applications:

  • Elastomer Processing
  • Corrosion Protection
  • In-Plant
  • Decorative Polyurea
  • Marine Applications

Marvel has been asked many times what is the difference between a Gusmer GX-8 Spray Gun and a Gusmer GX-8 Pro Spray Gun?

Gusmer renamed the GX-8 to GX-8 Pro when they made improvements to the mechanically self-cleaning plural component low output spray gun. The most significant improvement to the gun came from widening the air passages to the gun's air cap and the trigger valve. This modification provides more air volume to the spray tip so it operates cleaner longer (this is sometimes called clean off-air). The increased air volume to the trigger valve provides faster opening and closing of the gun. This speeds up the valving rod movement for the impingement of material and allows for quick, rapid triggering for detail spraying without sacrificing mixing quality.

The following parts are not interchangeable between the GX-8 and GX-8 Pro:
Air Cap, PCD Retainer, Pattern Control Disc (PCD), Mix Module, Gun Block, Air Hose, Gun Handle Assembly, Valve Retainer Nut, Liner Valve, Spool Valve, Spring Seat, Gun Handle, Air Cylinder Rebuild Kit, Trigger Rebuild Kit.

During the acquisition of Gusmer by Graco the GX-8 Pro has been reverted to being called the GX-8. The auto version of this gun is now known as the GX-8P.