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Graco Fusion PC

The days of spending time and effort cleaning and rebuilding the fluid section of your spray foam gun are gone. The new Fusion ProConnect (PC) gun features a disposable cartridge head that replaces multiple individual parts with a single component. Simply replacing a cartridge allows for a much faster rebuild, which keeps you spraying and minimizes costly downtime.

Exploded Fusion AP vs Fusion PC

With ProConnect technology in the Fusion PC gun (right), the entire fluid section including side seals and all associated o-rings are replaced by a single cartridge, compared to individual parts like the Fusion AP (left).



The Fusion PC sprays like any Fusion AP. Built on the time-tested Fusion AP platform, the new Fusion PC gun feels just like your Fusion AP and sprays with the same excellent spray pattern you're accustomed to. In fact, many of the same parts are used in the construction of the Fusion PC, so you can actually upgrade your existing Fusion AP guns to take advantage of the new ProConnect technology.