Graco Expanding Blade Agitator

We are the premier provider of polyurea spray-on liners and industrial coatings.

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Graco Expanding Blade Agitator

Graco's expanding blade agitators are engineered for quick installation and operation. The standard 1.5 and 2-inch threaded housing makes installation and operation as simple as threading on the agitator and adjusting the speed to the desired rate.


  • SST Construction
  • Standard 1.5 and 2-inch bung connections
  • Adjustable blades for positioning within the tank
  • Simple screw-in installation



  • Stain
  • Paint
  • Foam
  • Polyurea



  • Wood
  • General Metal
  • Residential and commercial insulation
  • Polyurea coating applications
  • Sealed containers with 1.5 and 2-inch bung access