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Polyurea Coatings: A Great Solution for Roof Decking

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Buildings are constructed of all types of materials. And, of course, roof decking can range from metal to wood frame covering, to concrete structures.  Without a doubt, roof decking takes a beating from the environment. Often, polyurea proves to be a great solution to guard against weather and other factors.

In some circumstances, roof decking represents walkable surfaces placed on rooftops. In many major metropolitan areas, rooftop nightclubs and dining areas are vogue. Meanwhile, many delight in using rooftop decking to keep it green and adorned with foliage.

The elements aren’t the only factor when it comes to protecting roof decking. Waterproofing is essential to ensure that rooftop irrigation systems do not leak into wooden frames. Cracked concrete can also create a great deal of damage. And, of course, something needs to be done to ensure corrosion does not result in decaying structures.

The Advantage of Polyurea Coatings

Polyurea coatings offer great advantages when roof decks are initially constructed. That said, they are also excellent for consideration when doing remediation.  Temperature fluctuations may be a problem when it comes to rehabbing roof decking. Fortunately, polyurea coatings set quickly and are not affected by cold or warm temperatures.

What are some issues contractors notice when it comes to problems with roof decking?  Corrosion may be a factor in seaside resorts – due to the exposure of saltwater and air.  Polyurea coatings provide a seal that not only wards off the elements.  They are also resistant to chemical exposure.

Foot traffic may also be an issue in some situations. For that reason, durability is critical. Polyurea coatings create a hard shell-like exterior. The fact that they have elastomer qualities makes them easier to apply in hard to reach places.

One of the other advantages of polyurea coatings on rooftop decking is its adaptability to all kinds of surfaces. It can seal cracked concrete just as well as it can mend portions of all types of metal.

Appearances matter. When you use polyurea coatings, you are essentially revitalizing an area. Everything looks brand new. You not only are ridding the surface of old abrasions – but ensuring new scratches and marks are avoided.

With all this said, not every polyurea coating works for every application. In order to determine what product suits your roof decking job, it is critical that you have expert advice. At Marvel Coatings, we will guide you through the process.

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Interested in learning more about polyurea coatings for your roof decking project?  Contact us for technical advice. At Marvel Coatings, we ensure our customers not only understand the process, but also have the right equipment to make things work right!