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How Polyurea Coatings Help the Food Processing Industry

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What’s one of the biggest concerns of the food processing industry? As you might guess, it’s not just about taste or providing sustenance. Instead, food processing plants have a major obligation. Without proper protection, contamination represents a major health risk. The fact is that polyurea coatings can cut down the inherent dangers associated with all types of exposure.

If you’re in the business, you already know how foods get contaminated. Some things are easier than others to control. For example, some food processing plants do not pay enough attention to protecting surfaces. All things considered, good practices are critical to ensuring food is prepared properly and in a safe environment.

If you listen to the news, you’ll notice more and more cases of food contamination. Truth be told, there’s a high chance for the growth of germs and bacteria in food processing plants. It’s not like the prospective harm is visible to the human eye. In fact, it’s sometimes the things we can’t see that are the most dangerous of them all.

Risk Exposures in the Food Processing Industry

More than likely, you already know the importance of keeping the work environment clean. For sure, there are a number of disease-causing agents that can infiltrate the end product. Listeria is one of the most deadly. Those affected with it will end up with listeriosis, which represents a big deal. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that one in five people with listeriosis will die.

Listeria monocytogenes is actually a germ. Government regulations such as the Food Safety Modernization Act provide guidance regarding food production as well as safe handling of foods. Meanwhile, listeria is not the only prospective danger.

What about the impact of unwanted critters in the food processing area? It’s no big secret that rodents, cockroaches, and flies are attracted to all types of ingredients. That said, pest control is not enough. They not only carry disease through different bacteria – but they also bring it from one place to another.

Polyurea Coatings in the Food Processing Industry

The idea of creating an environment that’s easy to clean is imperative. Think for a moment. Even if you’re cooking at home, you know the risks associated with working with chicken. Unless you’re careful, there’s a chance of contaminating surfaces with salmonella bacteria. Once again, this opens up the potential for extreme illness.

Workers may think it’s enough just to brush off preparation areas and hastily move on to the next task. The problem? If there are indents or even small cracks in the surface – the bacteria seeps in and invites the start of cross-contamination.

How can polyurea coatings help with this? It’s a whole lot easier to sanitize a surface if it’s been properly protected. Polyurea coatings act as a sealant. They ward off potential issues, such as seepage of sitting liquids or moisture.

Meanwhile, other areas of a food processing plant may be of concern. What about broken concrete or leaking pipes? Polyurea coatings also play an important role when it comes to protection of the work area.

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