Secondary Spill Containment

It is essential to have a safe and reliable secondary spill containment system to prevent and protect against spills and leaks that can pollute groundwater and surrounding areas. Marvel Industrial Coatings rehabilitates and maintains every type of containment system on the market. A containment structure can be open air or sealed and can be made of plastic, metal, concrete, or other geotextile materials.
Marvel has several polyurethane and polyurea products available for secondary containment units, containment booms, and building containment berms. Marvel products form a leak-proof membrane when dry that will hold any type of liquid spill. The coating has the flexibility needed to weather ground shift and prevent cracking. These coatings are ideal for:

  • Gas and Oil Wells and Facilities
  • Farm Dikes, Berms, and Tanks
  • Chemical Storage Areas and Facilities
  • Trenches and
  • Sumps
  • Petroleum Storage
  • Drum Storage Areas

Leak-Proof Coating

Creating a leak-proof coating or membrane is the most critical step for successful secondary containment. Aging systems can fail due to freeze-thaw, intense dry heat, ground shift, and other environmental factors. Fortunately, we here at Marvel have a variety of protective and effective coatings that will create a waterproof and long-lasting chemical barrier. Coating sprayed over geotextile material, pits, and containment berms is cost effective and effective. The coatings seal around any crevices, penetrations, or cracks. If any equipment is removed, added, or moved the secondary containment can be patched as needed.

Weather and Corrosion Resistance

Fuels, chemicals, crude oil, corrosive liquids, and wastewater are standard hazardous materials for backup systems. Our polyurea and polyurethane coatings prevent rust, surface degradation, and corrosion that cause containment systems to fail. Corrosive materials and reactants sit harmlessly up against Marvel’s coatings without damaging or eroding the surface. With Marvel Coatings, you can greatly reduce your liability and maintenance costs.

Not only do Marvel Coatings products protect your systems against rust and corrosion, they also protect against damaging contact with direct sunlight. Our coatings expand and contract in extreme weather without cracking.

Custom Applications

Coatings that are sprayed-on are much thinner and therefore take up a lot less space when compared to pre-formed liners. Sprayed-on coatings form a strong but seamless membrane around the container that perfectly fits any shape, even where pumps, poles, and external and internal structures attach.

Paint Problems and Rubber Liners

Paint, rubber linings, and other standard surface protection systems do not have the same long-lasting qualities that polymers such as polyurethane and polyurea posses. Rubber and paint linings can also absorb and release materials, odors, and toxins that can cause contamination. Rubber and paint liners also do not have the same resistance to abrasion and corrosion as polyurethane or polyurea. Paint and rubbers have weaknesses that aggressive chemicals and other caustic fluids will discover and exploit. Several of our products are significantly less expensive, often 25-40% or more. They are also a better quality are more durable than your standard epoxy coating.

Secondary Containment Coatings

Marvel coatings can be used with any type of secondary containment system, regardless of whether that system is open air or sealed and regardless of whether it’s made out of plastic, metal, geotextile materials, or concrete. We know that your most important concern preventing spills and leaks from harming groundwater, surrounding areas, and people.

Here are some of the products we typically use:

  • M391
  • M392
  • M394
  • M87 LayFlat – MarvelCoat M87 LayFlat is a 100% solids polyurethane-urea hybrid coating. MarvelCoat M87 is an aromatic coating designed to be an elastomeric protective coating for all substrates, providing excellent chemical abrasion resistance.