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Chill Box CB8000

Air Conditioned Air Supply System

The Tennessee Chill Box was designed to eliminate exhaustion, cramps, fatigue, nausea, dizziness & weakness. Our Year Round Fresh Air/Air Conditioned Respirator Supply Systems meet or exceed CFM requirements that are required by Industry Standards.


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  • 110 Volt/ 15/Amp electric requirement
  • Provides 97 CFM's at the Exterior Manifold
  • CFM output-Regulated Speed Control
  • Digital Control Panel that allows for 
    Temperature display & adjustments (Ambient/Actual)
  • Powder Coat finish for Long Lasting Durability
  • Unit is sealed & maintenance free (with the exception of a removable, washable filter)
  • Under normal climatic conditions, the CB8000 will operate with (2) 200' Air lines
  • Equipped with an Exterior manifold to allow for the use of multi-air lines (single or double)
  • Use with Mask, Hood, or Ratchet Respiratory Shield applications

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  • Eliminates Compressors
  • Eliminates Multi-Stage filter panels, 
    calibration systems, replacement filters, and test kits.


  • 23.5" H x 15" D x 19.5" W
  • 76 Pounds


Limited 1 Year Warranty


Improving Safety & Comfort

The Tennessee Chill Box 8000 (CB8000) is an Air Conditioned Respirator, Fresh Air Supply System, which provides comfortable, safe breathing air for industry users who require a fresh  air supply system, with the advantages of air-conditioned air.  It can maximize productivity and eliminate the possibility of heat stroke, heat exhaustion, dehydration, nausea and cramps for your workers. The CB8000 Improves the worker’s safety and comfort, reducing their frequency and duration of breaks on the job.