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Polyurea: Really Useful in the Case of Leaking Roofs

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Leaking roofs can cause a number of problems. There’s the obvious potential for water damage, leading to health hazards. Mold and mildew may form. Insulation may lose effectiveness. Leaking roofs can cause ceilings collapse. Water damage can even mean fire hazards. The good thing? Polyurea coatings are an excellent solution when it comes to prevention and repair of leaking roofs.

You may wonder why. First of all, polyurea excels as a waterproofing solution. Even if there isn’t already a problem with water seeping through a roof, it’s an excellent protective coating. Take a look at a prior article we did on the magic of polyurea coatings. The combination of durability and elasticity are ideal for sealing off roofs. Polyurea is also useful when it comes to insulation.

Liner Applications for Roofs

There are all types of coating applications that work for roofs. For example, spray foam insulators are effective in roofing jobs. But, that’s not it. Did you know that spray-on liners are also useful in the case of leaking roofs?

What better way to describe the benefits than to show you? Take a look at this video showing how a polyurea-based liner is applied to a roof. Marvel Coatings used an EZ Cartridge System spray apply its Armadillo Liner onto a roof to stop it from leaking. Take note of the consistent application and the fact that the technician is wearing appropriate safety gear.

In using a liner to combat a leaking roof, it is vital to receive expert advice concerning both product and application. Surface preparation is essential. Your goal should be to add longevity and seal off any holes or even small crevices causing issues.

Some Advantages of Coatings

It isn’t just that polyurea coatings create a hard shell. They also add integrity to new and existing roofs. A number of contractors use spray-foam insulation to save on heating and cooling costs. Coatings help extend the life of roofs and protect against the elements.

Residential buildings are not the only structures that benefit from spray-foam insulation. It is beneficial in commercial construction of varied sizes. Again, it is always smart to speak with an experienced coating representative concerning any polyurea application.

When it comes to concerns about weather infiltration, spray-foam is an excellent consideration. It not only helps seal the roof. It also adds a level of protection against high winds.

Concerned about a Leaking Roof?

Are you worried about a leaking roof? Are you interested in taking preventive measures to ensure against potential roofing issues? The representatives of Marvel Coatings can help you. Give us a call to learn how!