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Why Marvel Flex is Great for Your Playground Equipment

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The people we cherish most in this life would be our children. And like any parent, you want to protect them from the dangers of the world. We put child-proof our homes, make sure they're buckled up in the proper car seat, and know who they're hanging out with on what day and what time. But sometimes accidents occur, especially when your child is just playing normally.

For instance, playground equipment has been around for generations and has become safer and safer as years have gone by. We all know the old stories of how our parents and our parents' parents use to play on playground equipment made of wood and metal. The risk of injury has lessened over the years, but there's still the odd injury here and there. In fact, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, emergency departments around the U.S. treat more than 200,000 children below the age of 14 for playground-related injuries every year. Most of these injuries involve fractures, dislocations, and concussions. All that can be prevented if the right material was on the ground protecting our children.

Don't think that these injuries only occur on public playgrounds. The CDC reports that although the majority of injuries happen at school and daycare centers, the majority of fatal accidents occur on home playgrounds. A frightening thought. Don't you want your child to be safe at play? Well, Marvel Industrial Coatings has just the solution.

We have a special coating for playground equipment and it's called Marvel Flex. This soft and flexible polyurea coating is perfect for reducing the risk of injury. It's scratch resistant as well as waterproof and looks great on anything. What Marvel does is spray crafted foam composites created by playground companies who conceal them underneath any high impact areas around the playground equipment such as the bottom of a slide or under a swing.

Why is polyurea coatings a great choice for playground equipment? First, it's impact resistant. This means if your little one falls, Marvel Flex can help absorb the fall and prevent a serious injury. Polyurea coatings are also waterproof and resist the changing elements. It's also a great slip-resistant surface which can cut down on slip and fall accidents which happen pretty regularly on the playground.

What's most important about Marvel Flex is that it was made to last. Unlike concrete and wood, which can deteriorate over time, our polyurea coating can last for a very long time. It won't soften in the hot summer days or become brittle and crack in the cold temperatures. And it looks great on practically anything!

The most important thing to remember is that Marvel Flex is safe, environmentally friendly producing no VOCs, can be applied to any surface and is ultimately flexible for impact and abrasion protection.

If you are thinking of using a polyurea coating on your playground equipment, then you'll want to talk to us about Marvel Flex. Contact Marvel Industrial Coatings today for more information.