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How Coatings Help Protect Transportation Infrastructures

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The soundness of transportation infrastructures is of large concern.  With so many people traveling on these structures every day, a failing infrastructure can be disastrous. Bridges and tunnels are all subject to weather conditions and wear and tear, especially if they're made out of concrete. Industrial coatings add to the integrity of transportation projects.

Corrosion protection is essential to every transportation infrastructure that has any metal components.  Bridges and tunnels are designed to last for many years and can do so with proper protection.  Otherwise, exposure to moisture and other elements makes degradation a fast process. That's why infrastructures need to use a water resistant coating to make sure no corrosion or rust can penetrate the structure.

Waterproofing is a concern with both bridges and tunnels.  Products such as those distributed by Marvel Coatings not only ensure protection against water but also shield harm done by salts and chemicals.  They are designed to improve the lifespan of transportation infrastructures.

Polyurea waterproof coating and linings are well recognized for the strength they add as a protective coating.  These products stand the test of time in highway bridges and railroad bridges alike. For instance, let's look at tunnels. Many of these structures are made out of steel and concrete, a standard building material that's been around for centuries. As we've mentioned in a previous blog, the older concrete gets, the more it breaks down and begins to crack. And we all know the story of if there's a crack in the tunnel, a major catastrophe is heading our way.

But, by applying a layer of polyurea coating on top of existing concrete, it will protect the material for any more damage. Not only that, but the solution can get into the little cracks and leaks and patch up those holes. This is a much better solution than the current one of adding more concrete to the structure!

Spray-on solutions facilitate the process of applying polyurea to projected areas.  The fact is that a polyurea coating adheres to different surfaces or materials.  This means it is adaptable to both concrete and metal structures.  Another advantage is that it can be applied expeditiously.

Now let's take a look at bridges. As cars and trucks continuously travel over the structure, there is the possibility of vibration.  This could add to the deterioration of the infrastructure.  Fortunately, polyurea is flexible, impact resistant, and handles the movement better than alternative solutions. No matter what the temperature is, or whether the structure gets too much sun or rain, a polyurea coating can stand up in any climate. In addition to contributing to structural integrity, they also give the infrastructure a fresh new look.

Protective Coatings for Bridges and Tunnels

Consultation with a Marvel Coatings representative is essential in determining specifications for bridge and tunnel projects.  Our team will review the current conditions of the infrastructure and help you select the best product for your needs.  We can also work with you if you have a concern about applying the solution.  Contact us to see how we can assist you.