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The Advantages of Becoming a Dealer for Marvel Coatings

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So, you're interested in going into the polyurea coating business? That's great! Congratulations on your new endeavor! Now comes the important part, finding the right partner to help you with your business.

When you choose to become a dealer of polyurea coating products, it's important to weigh your options. Chances are you're going to be in business with this company for a very long time and you want to make the right decision. So, why should you become an authorized Armadillo Liners dealer? What makes Marvel Industrial Coatings stand above the rest of the competition?

Well, there are a few advantages in choosing to sell Armadillo Liners. But here's a few reasons that may sway your decision:

  • Marketing support – One of the hardest parts of this business is standing out. And sometimes you're going to need a little help getting the word out. At Marvel Coatings, we understand and can provide you with a wealth of material to use in your promotions. Not only can we give you informative and custom-made tri-fold brochures but we also have custom stickers available with your company name. Co-op is also available.

  • Training support – Of course, the most important part of becoming a dealer is knowing how to properly use the equipment and materials that you are selling. At Marvel Coatings, we will train at least two sprayers while on-site. In addition, we offer free refresher training anytime at our Houston headquarters and we have continued education on a yearly basis.

  • Maintenance support – Having an issue with a piece of equipment? Did something break? Then you need a fix and quick. That's why Marvel has 24/7 technical phone support for any time an issue arises. We have priority placement for any parts or services you may need and we will visit your business on a bi-annual or quarterly basis to perform maintenance on your equipment.

  • Operational and safety support – Not only will we keep the equipment in working order but we will make sure you are safe in using our products. Our safety rep will consult with you to make sure you are in compliance with OSHA standards and will give you advice on what to buy and where to place your booth.

  • Our materials – Our polyurea coatings are top fo the line! We have 100 percent solutions for specialty applications and hybrids for all types of climate solutions.

  • Our equipment – When you select Marvel, you get the best spraying equipment around. We have the Graco plural component equipment plus refurbished equipment if the price is just a little too steep for you at the moment. Marvel has hundreds of parts in stock for both new and used equipment. We also offer generators, compressors, P2, Fusion, and other gun types.

Here at Marvel Industrial Coatings, we are invested in making sure our dealers succeed. Your success is our success. And whether you need help in marketing, have a problem with the equipment, need guidance in using the product, or want to make sure everyone is safe, we're there for you. So don't wait any longer. If you are interested in becoming a dealer of Armadillo Liners, contact Marvel Industrial Coatings now for more information.