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Marvel Coatings: Reviews that Make Us Proud

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Texans are known for a number of things. For one, everything seems huge in the Lone Star state – from big hair to record-sized steaks. As a Houston company, Marvel Coatings also thinks big. And, has the reviews that make us proud.

All things considered, we prefer others to do the talking for us. However, our bragging rights aren’t just reflective of our product offerings. Yes, people are thrilled with our Armadillo bedliners and spray foam insulation.

There’s also the people factor involved. It’s not just that our technical advisors and sales consultants are knowledgeable. They are also friendly and approachable.

The same is true for our outside dealers. Many an end user has told us that they are glad they went with Marvel. There’s something to be said about dealing with experts – who more than care about the final outcome of every job.

Some Actual Reviews about Marvel Coatings

For starters, let’s begin with a customer who needed to set up a custom rig for spray foam insulation. Building a rig includes all types of specifications.  The selection could run from a mobile spray rig to one installed in a commercial box truck.

In this case, the customer was starting new. He could not say enough about the professional and helpful information he received from our staff. Meanwhile, training was also critical. According to our valued customer, our training staff made sure the education was “professional, caring, personable, patient and accommodating.”

Best yet, this particular customer shared that we made dreams come true. As an industrial coatings company, we never thought of ourselves as dream makers. However, we were glad to be part of the process.

Armadillo Bedliners: Top Shelf

Truth be told, Armadillo bedliners are enormously popular. While some recognize the advantage of spray-on bed liners, others use it for other purposes. One customer told us it added to making his boat look shiny and new. He loved that it makes the deck itself slip-proof.

Body shop owners also promote the use of Armadillo bedliners. If they don’t do the work in-house, they’re outsourcing it to dealers. They recognize that polyurea is superior in offering protection against the elements and chemical exposure.

Everyone knows that pride of ownership is a huge deal to vehicle owners.  A Jeep Wrangler owner was thrilled that job was done in a matter of hours and “turned out great.” The prep was also superb.

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The bottom line is that you need a great product, superior equipment, and expert advice if you’re working with industrial coatings. Contact us at Marvel Coatings to understand why our customers think so highly of us.