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Why Think About Spray Foam Insulation in the Summer?

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Some parts of the country will insist that Mother Nature seems to have skipped over spring this year. That said, the calendar says that summer is just a week away.  In case you associate spray foam insulation with only winter, you may want to think again.

If you’re a home improvement contractor or build new construction, you most likely know the benefits of getting a good insulation product in place. It’s not just to keep cold air from getting in. It’s also critical in maintaining energy costs.

Instead of turning up the heat, many will soon be cranking up their air conditioners.  All things considered, your client base may be wise enough to select energy efficient units. However, their costs will remain exorbitant without taking the proper care to seal off moisture and air.

Spray Foam Insulation: Keeping Things Cool

The concept of insulation is certainly understood when it comes to keeping a house warm. Just about everyone shudders at the thought of drafts. Meanwhile, you may not necessarily feel the summer hot air seeping in as readily – but it’s there.

During the summer, you may notice that attics and crawlspaces get unusually hot as the sun shines in the highest areas. If there are leaks in either of these places, the hot air can quickly descend to the floors below.  Even with the air conditioning on full blast, homeowners may complain that they can never get cool enough.

Spray foam insulation is a perfect solution for just these situations. The goal is to seal off air leakage quickly, and spray foam does it efficiently.  All things considered, another plus is that spray foam can target those little crevices where other types of insulation easily miss.

It’s not just upper-level parts of a residence that can be problematic. What if the home has an attached garage?  More than likely, no one is spending money to keep the garage air-conditioned. However, when you use spray foam insulation – you hit all the nooks and crannies that are part of the entire house.

Why not use fiberglass insulation? One of the many problems with fiberglass insulation is simply its clumsiness. In many cases, you are dealing with batting. Additionally, fiberglass may seem less expensive in the beginning. However, it is inferior for long time use – and therefore more costly when it comes to heating and cooling expenditures.

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