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Why Choosing Epoxy May Not Really Be Right

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All you know is that you have a job to do. And, you want it done fast. Meanwhile, you’re aiming for a shiny fresh looking surface. However, you need to be aware. When it comes down to it, choosing epoxy may not really be the right choice.

At Marvel Coatings, we know all about applications that improve the appearance of surface areas. However, there’s a distinct reason we promote polyurea coatings over using epoxy. They’re obviously not the same. Without a doubt, epoxy coatings are a step above using epoxy paint products. After all, they do have some protective qualities.

First, let’s spell out the differences. To do this, we’ll begin with a typical application. Your project may involve finding a solution for garage floors. Perhaps you want to add some tenacity or improve the floor’s unsightly appearance. All things considered, if you have a fleet of buses or trucks going in and out of the garage – your concerns are multiplied.

Epoxy paint. Is there such a thing? You might start off by picking up some garage floor paint. However, do you really know what’s inside in the can? Big box stores carry a variety of paints. For the most part, they are latex acrylic based. Some claim that they also are “part epoxy.”

Meanwhile, the quantity of epoxy in the paint matters. Generally speaking, it’s a small amount. For the most part, epoxy is petroleum-derived and may add some adhesion to the paint products. This might seem ideal since many garage surfaces are comprised of concrete. Again, epoxy paint is different than epoxy coatings. In fact, as cheap as epoxy paint can be – you often get what you pay for – and therefore come up short.

Epoxy Coatings

Performance is critical when you’re evaluating any type of industrial coating. In this case, you may already understand that epoxy paint isn’t really a smart option. However, what about epoxy coatings?

Again, there is the issue of adhesion. Epoxy coatings work on a variety of substrates – not only that concrete floor but also steel and some other metals. Epoxy coatings include a resin that must be combined with a hardener. It’s a process that generally requires a professional contractor. Epoxy coatings also need time to cure.

There’s no question that epoxy coatings offer some resistance to water and chemicals. However, unlike polyurea coatings, they are not waterproof. If you’re not sure of the difference between water resistant and waterproof, think boots. Your water-resistant boots will keep you dry if it’s only barely raining or snowing. However, waterproof boots are impervious to water and will make sure your feet are protected from the elements.

Meanwhile, there are some other limitations when it comes to using epoxy coatings. Depending on the one you use, you may find that you have to recoat in a relatively short amount of time. You could be frustrated by the cure time. Also, some epoxy coatings are temperature dependent. And, getting back to appearances? There’s a chance that epoxy coatings may discolor quickly.

Polyurea Coatings: A Better Option

Truth be told, polyurea coatings are a better option than either epoxy paint or epoxy coatings. Let’s return to the idea of garage floor protection. Here are some of the advantages that make polyurea a better option:

  • Waterproof v. Water Resistance

  • Superior strength (as much as 20x stronger)

  • Impact resistant – fewer concerns about abrasions

  • Color guarded

  • Faster curing

Temperatures aren’t as much as a factor when applying polyurea coatings. Of course, understanding the correct formulation is critical. That’s the reason you need technical expert advice. It’s one of those times that the big box stores don’t really provide.

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With all this said, you may still not understand all the hype about polyurea coatings. At Marvel Coatings, we value our interaction with customers who need direction in making the right choices. Please give us a call so we can assist you in your selection.