Marvel Industrial and Commercial Floor Coatings

Because industrial and commercial floors typically take more use and abuse than standard residential surfaces, Marvel Industrial polyurethane and polyurea roll-on and sprayed-on coatings make much more sense than tile, carpet, rubber, vinyl, or other readily available floor coverings and coatings. Both new and repaired floorings are protected and maintained long term, even against harsh corrosive chemicals, cracking, and warping. Coatings can be utilized both outdoors and inside.

New and Old Structures Benefit from Floor Coatings

Whether repairing leaks and cracks or coating a new building or structure, Marvel Coatings is your best choice. The reason our coatings are your best choice is because our coatings guard against the environmental circumstances that harm floors.

A showroom, for instance, needs to be easy to clean, attractive, and resistant to abrasion due to the need to constantly move and restock merchandise. A garage or industrial plant must have flooring that is resistant to caustic spills and corrosion. A doctor's office or veterinary floor is scrubbed constantly so coatings must be waterproof and scratch resistant to prevent the spread of bacteria or disease. The area around an indoor pool at a hotel needs to be slip resistant. A marina needs to be aware of splinters in their wood flooring. Here at Marvel, have the solutions you are looking for. You tell us your concern, and we’ll help you find a way to solve it.

Benefits of Coatings for Wood and Concrete Flooring

Underlayment for industrial and commercial buildings is typically made out of wood or concrete. Marvel Coatings has a wide variety of industry-leading benefits and superior qualities such as:

  • Chemical resistance
  • Crack resistance
  • Skid resistant
  • Seamless waterproofing
  • Extreme weather condition proofing
  • Rot and warp resistance
  • Splinter-resistant
  • Vibration and noise reduction
  • Scratch and dent resistant
  • Heavy foot and wheel traffic resistant

Choices in Flooring Design

Industrial flooring must be highly durable but it should also be attractive. Marvel’s coatings can be specifically pigmented to match an existing color or used as a design accent. To prevent fading in areas exposed to sunlight, we offer aliphatic polymers and UV stable topcoats. These products prevent fading. With quick drying options, we can also incorporate your creative designs, including logos and faux tiles.

Safe for Every Environment

Our coatings are safe for plants, animals, and people. Our coatings have no solvents, VOCs, and there is minimal risk of exposure to corrosive chemicals.

Because the flooring surface does not absorb chemicals and doesn’t scratch they are easy to clean and maintain. A variety of anti-slip and anti-skid texture particulates can be combined with the coatings to prevent and discourage slipping

Outdoor Features

Most facilities and structures have indoor and outdoor flooring environments to consider. Marvel products can add beauty and protection to your outside facilities and environment.

Coating outdoor surfaces on porches, patios, pool decks, walkways, walls, park pavilions, and bridges help prevent continued deterioration and revitalizes the look of your landscaping. Retention ponds, decorative water features, and containment reservoirs can also be waterproofed.

With our products, we can make your Industrial tanks leak proof without you having to worry about the coating absorbing chemicals or leaching. Parking lots and loading docks can be maintained, protected, and repaired to reduce maintenance and improve the aesthetics of your property.

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Coating Products for Industrial and Commercial Flooring

Here at Marvel we typically apply floor coatings to concrete and wood floors in new and older structures. In new structures, a floor coating will extend the life of the floor and floor coating are used to maintain, repair, and preserve flooring in older structures. We know that you are looking for something functional but also attractive. We will consider your needs and help you select the product that best meets your needs.

Here are some of the products and coatings we typically used:

  • M391
  • M392
  • M394
  • M87 LayFlat – MarvelCoat M87 LayFlat is a 100% solids polyurethane-urea hybrid coating. MarvelCoat M87 is an aromatic coating designed to be an elastomeric protective coating for all substrates, providing excellent chemical abrasion resistance.