EZ Cartridge System

Point. Spray. Throw Away.

EZ Cartridge System - Point. Spray. Throw Away.

Standard Colors

EZ Cartridge System - Standard Colors

The Fastest & Easiest Way to Start Spraying Today

Designed for on-the go mobile applications or businesses that spray 10 trucks or less more per month, our EZ cartridge system is an effective, easy to learn application system. This system only needs 11 cfm of air to operate and every cartridge case comes complete with all accessories needed to spray. One of 3 static mixer types is affixed to individual cartridges, which are then placed inside of the pneumatic cartridge gun. Air then pushes the material out and the tip is atomized to achieve a consistent spray pattern.

EZ Cartridge

Operation / Tech Requirements

  • Cup Brushes
    Cup Brushes
  • Mixers
  • Wire Trim
    Wire Trim
  • Sanders
  • Plastic