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Add a Spray-on Bedliner Operation to Your Product-line

Factory liners are sprayed thin and without being sanded. They also use below average coatings to spray each truck bed. Consumers deserve better. If you are a truck dealership, body shop, accessory outfitter or distributor, deliver to your customers a product that will last. We’re with you every step of the way!
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Determine Volume & Set-up Location

How many spray-on liners are you outsourcing or ordering from the manufacture? Determine a location for a booth set-up.

Select Your Equipment

Marvel Coatings is a Top Tier Graco Distributor offering plural-component high pressure systems & replacement parts. Graco systems are user friendly and provides the user more control of their spray operation. Based on your volume, we will have what you need.

Choose A Protective Coating

This part’s simple; spray with the best protective coating chemical in the market. Better than factory spray-on bedliners or any other option. It’s about quality.

Choose Your Training Date

Consider this the first day you stop losing money on factory sprayed liners and/or outsourcing.

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Set-up and Safety Recommendations

Safety is key. Our trainers will setup the equipment and offer safety recommendations suggested by OSHA.

  • Training (Prep | Spray | Trim )
  • Safety Programs
  • Booth Recommendations
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Spray Techniques
  • Etc.

Select Your Marketing Tools

  • Point of Sale materials (Brochures, literature..etc.)
  • Private labeling
  • Website options
  • Licensing

Spray for Profit.


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