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Why Polyurea Coating is Best for Secondary Containment

As we discussed before, polyurea coatings are great to use on industrial structures such as underground pipelines and water tanks. But did you know these coatings are the perfect answer to a secondary containment system? What is secondary containment? If you work with hazardous chemicals, you may know something about these systems. Secondary containment systems…
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The Simple Truth about Protective Coatings for Waterproofing

It is a common dilemma faced by many industries.  Water damage can create major consequences, such as rust and corrosion, and can shorten the life of your product.  What’s the solution?  The simple truth is that a polyurea solution is effective as a protective coating for waterproofing. We all know the damages caused by water…
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What You Should Know about Polyurea Solutions

You most likely know that polyurea solutions work. They are excellent for industrial use and truck bed liners.  However, do you actually know what polyurea is? Moreover, why it is so effective? Be careful if you attempt to research polyurea on your own.  Search engines will think you are trying to define polyuria.  The two…
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