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What is Marvel’s EZ Spray-On Cartridge System?

Let's say you have a small body shop. One of your services is spray-on bedliners. You don't do a lot of vehicles, but you do enough business that you need to own equipment. A mobile rig system is just too much. Is there something smaller just for you? There is and it's Marvel Industrial Coatings'…
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Why Would My Business Need a Mobile Spray Rig From Marvel?

You just started your own spray-on coating business. You go from business to business, spraying down floors and vehicles. But it's becoming a hassle lugging your equipment around from job to job. There has got to be a better way! There is and it's a mobile spray rig from Marvel Industrial Coatings. But what exactly is…
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Top Five Reasons You Need to Own Spray-On Equipment

You’ve sold your customer on the concept of spray-on bedliners.  You call your outside source to tell them you are sending a job over.  They tell you that they are backed up.  What now?  If only you owned your own spray-on equipment! You are not alone.  It’s a frustration that many dealers and auto shops…
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