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First in a Series: Benefits of Open-Cell Spray Foam

You may be considering spray foam as an insulation option. However, you might be confused. What are the differences between open-cell spray foam and closed-cell applications? In this first in a series on spray foam insulation, we’ll take a look at open-cell spray foam. Both open and closed-cell spray foam insulation involves the application of…
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Why is Spray Foam Right for the Construction Industry?

What role do you play in the construction industry?  Are you a general contractor, builder, or insulator?  These are just a few of the trades that recognize the effectiveness of spray foam insulation.  It works as the right application for a variety of reasons. Let’s take it a step further.  Spray foam application is a…
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How to Contain Energy Costs with Spray Foam Insulation

Whether you own a home or a commercial building, you’re likely concerned about energy costs.  It’s one thing to ensure you are running efficient heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems.  However, guaranteeing that the premises are well insulated is also crucial.  Spray foam insulation is an excellent means of containing energy costs as well…
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