Monthly Archives: February 2018

Polyurea: A Strong and Amazing Ally to Our Military

There is no shortage of heroes in the ranks of our armed forces. Without a doubt, every branch of the service is fueled by dedicated patriots. Meanwhile, the military is backed up by another strong and amazing ally that does some invaluable background work. In fact, polyurea is a silent partner, but a tenacious one.…
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Open-Cell vs. Closed-Cell: How Do I Choose?

You looked through the research and have seen the reviews when it comes to insulating your home. Based on your results, you have come to the conclusion that spray foam insulation is your best bet. That was the tough decision, right? Wrong. Now you must choose which is the best type of spray foam for…
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Why We Love Spray Foam Insulation (And You Should, Too!)

You already know that you have a few choices when it comes to insulation. Of course, you could go with cellulose or fiberglass batts. However, neither will match what you get when you use spray foam insulation. From installation to the end result, there just is no comparison. Cost is often cited as a factor…
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