Monthly Archives: September 2017

Marvel Industrial Coatings: Your Partner in the Workplace

Your business has many silent partners in the workplace. More than likely, it starts with the tools you use on a daily basis. It also includes the machines you operate. Even your company’s infrastructure is a crucial part of your corporate identity. All things considered, Marvel Industrial Coatings is also proud to be a fixture…
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Why You Should Protect Your RV With a Polyurea Coating

Getting an RV is a big investment. Although it's fun to go camping and travel the country, you could spend thousands of dollars protecting your vehicle from harsh weather, years of wear and tear, and regular maintenance cost. With such an expense, you want to make sure your recreational vehicle is in perfect working order…
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Spray-Foam Insulation Safety: An Important Perspective

No doubt you’ve already heard some of the great things about spray-foam insulation. You’ve heard the accolades and know it is more than a viable alternative to old-school fiberglass. Just about everybody raves about the considerable money savings each month. However, in the process of making your home or building project more energy-efficient, you need…
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