Monthly Archives: July 2017

Protect Your Trailer With Marvel Industrial Coatings

If you use a trailer to haul your boat, car, or even carry live animals, consider this question: How does it look on the inside? If your answer is a little beat up or rusty or damaged in any way, then this article is for you. Trailers are meant to be used for heavy transport.…
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Is a Spray-In Bedliner the Best Fit for Your Truck?

You just bought a new truck and you intend to keep it for a very long time. You not only plan to use the vehicle for fun but also for work purposes. So you know for sure that you want a bedliner -- but what kind? There are so many choices out there! You can…
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What Happens to Bridges when Protective Coatings are Applied?

You can already guess that applying protective coatings to bridges is a positive move. The real dilemma comes when bridge surfaces go untreated. For starters, the lifespan of the infrastructure is undeniably shorter. Bridges are constructed for a variety of reasons. For some, they are a means of passing over a waterway. Of course, some…
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