Monthly Archives: February 2017

Tips on Applying a Proper Polyurea Coating the First Time Around

You decided that polyurea coatings are the right choice for a second containment system for your wastewater tank. Not only is the solution waterproof but is resistant to the elements. You decide that you can apply the coating yourself, even though you've never worked with these types of chemicals before. But as you start spraying,…
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Know When Closed-Cell Spray Foam is the Best Choice?

Are you considering whether spray foam insulation will work for your job? If you are, remember that you have a choice between two different foam types. In a prior article, we presented you with information concerning the benefits of open-cell spray foam.  However, there are reasons that closed-cell spray foam may be the best choice…
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Spray-On BedLiners are Not Equal. Here’s Why.

You just bought a brand new truck; it’s slick, shiny and perfect.  As with any large purchase, you want to protect your investment, especially your truck bed.  The spray-on bedliner is an obvious choice but there are so many options our there; how do you choose?  Money is tight, you don’t want to pay a…
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